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  Environmental Science

Serial number Name Technical parameters
1 hand-hold analyzer
2 Data Acquisition
3 system software
4 General Temperature Sensor range£º-50¡æ ¡« +150¡æ£»                                       resolution£º0.1¡æ£»                                                    diameter£º3mm                                                      stainless steel probe used to meausre the temparature of many objects and solution
5 Pressure Sensor range£º0KPa ¡« 700Kpa£¬can be used to measure the absolute pressure£»                                          resolution£º0.1KPa
6 O2 Sensor range£º0¡«100%                                               resolution£º0.1%;                                    electrochemistrical probe imported from the U.S.; no filling solution is needed.
7 PH Sensor range£º0¡«14                                                      resoltion£º 0.01£¬single point calibration in two optional environments: short circuit and standard solution.
8 Conductivity Sensor 2 optional ranges£º0~2000¦ÌS/cm ; 0~20000¦ÌS/cm
resolution1¦ÌS/cm ; 10¦ÌS/cm£¬                                  automatic range switching by software¡£
9 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor range£º0~20mg/L£»                                        resolution0.01 mg/L,                                        Polargraphic platinumcathode and silveralloyanode probe within 13mm;Teflon replaceable membrane, automatic temperature compenstaion
10 CO2  Sensor range: 0¡«50000 ppm
11 Drop Counter sampling and metering based on photo-electric sending principles; can be used together with the conventioanl buret
12 Moisture Sensor range:0¡«100%RH£»           resolution:0.1%
13 Colorimeter range:0¡«100%£»resolution :0.1%
14 Turbidity range:0¡«1000NTU     resoltion £º0.1NTU
15 so2 Sensor range£º0¡«20ppm,resolution£º0.01ppm
16 ORP range£º-2000mv~+2000mv,resolution£º1mv
17 Chlorine Sensor range£º0¡«50 ppm   resolution£º0.1 ppm
18 Hydric Sensor range£º0¡«100%  resolution£º1%
19 Carbon Monoxide Sensor range£º0¡«500ppm   resolution£º1 ppm

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