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        ¡°A glorious future achieved by cooperative efforts, humanistic concern integrated with the priority of performance evaluation¡±. This is the management philosophy of our company. Founders of EDIS believe that in such a competitive market, teamwork, rather than individualistic heroism, is the key to success of any enterprise. As a result, there is no such notion as boss and hierarchy within the company, and everyone here is determined to create a glorious future through cooperative efforts. For each new member joining in EDIS, they will instantly sense the respect and care the company devotes to them. In return, they will form a sense of ownership, and soon integrate personal progress with the company¡¯s development. Here in EDIS, every staff member works with a sense of responsibility as if he is the boss of the company.
        Based on the above consensuses, the company has formulated the working standards and promotion system, encouraging all staff to give their talents to full play in work as well as assisting managers in improving managerial work. All measures aim to achieve the elaboration of operation in every possible way.
        On the premise of the new Labor Law, EDIS adopted a distribution policy called ¡°more pay for more work, priority of working performance¡±, by which those with better performance can enjoy better rewards in the form of salary, welfare and bonus, so as to inspire all the staff to work hard. In general, in EDIS, hollow and formalistic behaviors are rarely seen, while diligent and earnest working spirit is worshiped. EDIS is mostly characterized by a positive enterprise culture and harmonious working atmosphere.

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